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Promoting the Automation of Telecommunications

Introducing the Tower Automation Alliance


Explore current areas of automation

Sustainable Energy

We are committed to greening the network with technology and improving network resilience.

Infrastructure Security

Gain complete access control of infrastructures and live monitoring with smart locks security and the latest technology.

Digital Twinning

Autonomous inventory and rust detection of assets with highly efficient drones that will do the work.


Improve efficiency of your operations by tracking your tower devices and assets in real-time.

and Design

Reduce time and money thanks to the automated analysis and design of the tower portfolio.


An alliance to further innovation in telecom

The Tower Automation Alliance is the leading partnership in our pursuit of achieving full automation of telecom infrastructure and assets. Born in 2020, we are taking our first steps in developing use cases that can help the telecom industry reach 100% digitally run operations.

The telecommunications industry is, without a doubt, one of the few sectors that is defined by constant innovation. Telcos, towercos and MNOs alike have shaped technological developments for everyone. Automation in telecom infrastructure is running from behind and in urgent need of catching up.

The Tower Automation Alliance is comprised of leaders, innovators and technological companies in their own fields that have come together for one purpose: to drive the future of the telecom industry.

SINCE 2012
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We're an alliance open to any MNO, towerco or service provider that is eager to participate in the discussion about the needs and requirements to take telecommunication towers to the next level. We are ready to lead telcos on their way to the future.
Luis Del Valle Alemán
Chief Revenue Officer
yariv geller ceo vhive
In the era where the journey towards digital transformation requires a holistic solution covering numerous domains, the importance of multiple vendors working together is essential. With the TAA, we are connecting with the greatest players in the industry.
Yariv Geller
Chief Executive Officer
Vitaly Kleban CTO Everynet
Tower automation enables new services and revenue streams. Digitization also gives visibility to the tower conditions, improves compliance with regulations and shows what is really on a tower without having to do a site visit or tower climb.
Vitaly Kleban
Chief Technology Officer and Founder
ofer aish photo ceo outlocks
This alliance is the right vehicle at the moment the tower Industry is getting to a new era. We enable and support the telecom industry to bring to the world faster and reliable communication. We are committed to supporting this wonderful initiative.
Ofer Aish
Chief Executive Officer
It is important to enact the kind of industrial IoT innovations from other fields to the telecom industry. At Ubiik we share the Energy Management solutions proven by utilities and manufacturers and as part of the TAA we adapt them to deliver maximum positive impact to TowerCos and MNO's. This is most efficient and effective within the Tower Automation Alliance as opposed to each ecosystem partner playing in its own silo.
Fabien Petitgrand
Chief Technology Officer
Iain Munro Ryse Energy
The alliance is a perfect opportunity to bring together the different players that form the communications industry value chain to offer a turnkey solution to the end user.
Iain Munro
Strategy Director
Balazs Kisfali_Shapemaker
Collaboration is key to accelerate innovation and that is the core of what the Tower Automation Alliance does. We are ready to kill complexity and accelerate a greener and more digitized future for the towercos.
Balázs Kisfali
Chief Executive Officer
Hugues Marceau Autonom
We are delighted to join hands with the Tower Automation Alliance and its vision of automated telecom infrastructures. It’s by streamlining repetitive operations that humankind progressed, and this is what the members of this Alliance is proposing to the telecom infrastructure industry.”
Hugues Marceau

Why Automation in Telecom Infrastructure is the future

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Be ready to champion automation and expand your services worldwide.

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