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Smart Cities and how crucial telecommunications infrastructure is to their success will be the focus of this new edition of the Camp organized by the Tower Automation Alliance. 

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Conference Hall, Tecnoincubadora Marie Curie, PCT Cartuja


March 3rd, 2023


9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Central European Time (UTC+1)


Driving forward the future of telecom towers


The Tower Automation Alliance partnership is an association of leading technology companies and critical telecommunications infrastructures, being the first initiative 100% devoted to the creation of a standard for the automation of critical infrastructure and its management processes.

Our Automation Working Groups

Internet Of Things

Smart management of telecom towers with new applications or products by the IoT ecosystem to strengthen connectivity solutions or security, among others.

Automated 3D/4D Design

Integrate the possibilities of technologies such as BIM, Digital Twin, and GIS in the life cycle of data and automation processes of Telecommunications infrastructures.

Process Automation

Work innovation and automate operations improving efficiency in the execution of tasks and activities involved in your operations. Leverage process mining to feed new ideas back into process automation.


Create digital representations of the assets of daily economic activity. With these assets, also known as "tokens", new products, services and existing processes can be developed more quickly, securely and efficiently.


Generate ideas and projects around renewable energy and energy systems to reduce consumption, improve efficiency and generate energy from non-polluting sources to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Smart Cities

To develop a vision and strategy for the integration of telecom infrastructures within the technological environment of Smart Cities, contributing with initiatives and projects to social welfare and the development of a smart and sustainable city.

Members of the Alliance

Leading Members:


Tech Members:

Guest Members:


Landing on a new reality of digitalization

The new reality of digitalization, the automation of processes, and the management of physical elements from a digital world will represent, as a whole, one of the most important technological challenges for human beings, a new industrial revolution, and an unprecedented business opportunity.


Insights and Trends in Telecom

Latests News and Articles


Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global projects focused on the digitalisation of critical infrastructure operations. Atrebo develops TREE, a specialist platform for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management in telecommunications, energy, smart cities, and other industries.

HYBRICO provides end-to-end software-enabled energy-as-a-service and backup-as-a-service solutions allowing their customers to focus their CAPEX on core expansions, reducing their operational expenses and increasing uptime.

Shapemaker is a cloud-based software for civil engineering analysis of telecommunication infrastructure. They are leveraging AI, cloud technologies, parametric modeling, geotechnologies, structural engineering, and remote sensing of wind and terrain data.

Padtec is a Brazilian multinational that aims to give life to high-capacity connections. We want to offer our best to the market, whether inside or outside Brazil, to the biggest and smallest companies. With more than 20 years of history, we are honored to work alongside our customers to offer services that bring people together and connect.

Staex creates a secure, sustainable, and technologically simple future. We strive to revolutionize IoT management by replacing traditional cloud management with innovative solutions that prioritize security, sustainability, and ease of use.

Everynet operates the largest, neutral-host, Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) national networks in the world. Our networks are open, highly resilient and entirely server agnostic – increasing speed to market and revenue for our partners and end users. And with zero CapEx required, we help you scale and achieve profitability on day one.