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About the Tower Automation Alliance

Take a step into the future of telecom infrastructure

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The Tower Automation Alliance is the first initiative 100% devoted to the creation of a standard for the automation of critical infrastructure management on telecommunications. 

The objective of the TAA is to leverage technology to make a significant and lasting change in the telecom industry, and lead Telcos, Towercos, and MNOs on their way to the future.

partners of tower automation alliance looking at telecom tower
TAA Partnership for the future

A partnership for the future, forged today

We are a global community of companies committed to empowering telecoms with hands-on automation solutions for their towers. We are aware that our clients more and more demand integrated solutions and at the TAA are willing to take that challenge.

Born in 2020 as an initiative from one of our founding members with the objective to create an ecosystem of innovators and leaders in the telecommunications infrastructure sector. The members are already working together in developing solutions that can help the telecom industry reach 100% digitally run operations.

The Tower Automation Alliance is...

what is the taa

The link between all these technologies is the end-to-end platform TREE.

An Atrebo technology platform for monitoring the lifecycle of critical infrastructure

Our Purpose

The new reality of digitalization, the automation of processes, and the management of physical elements from a digital world will represent, as a whole, one of the most important technological challenges for human beings, a new industrial revolution, and an unprecedented business opportunity.

Our Objectives

The TAA is an association of leading technology companies for critical telecommunications infrastructures with two clear objectives:

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What does the TAA offer?

"A co-marketing space that enables technology integration by creating success stories that result in increased sales for members".



A leading marketplace where its members find a collaborative working environment, have global visibility, and can showcase their products and strengths.


Tech Integration

The integration of the technological solutions of its members.



Enhancing the commercial value of its members' solutions and products to increase sales opportunities.

Our Working Groups

Recurso 1


Recurso 1

Automated Design 3D/4D


Process Automation






Smart Cities

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We are looking for companies that help Towercos and MNOs digitize their infrastructure.

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