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About the Tower Automation Alliance

Take a step into the future of telecom infrastructure

About us

Learn more about The Tower Automation Alliance. We are the leading open partnership in the pursuit for innovation of telecommunications infrastructure.

Our goal is very simple: we want telecoms to achieve the complete digitalisation of their infrastructure.

In order to do that, our partners have joined forces to leverage technology to make a significant and lasting change in the telecom industry, and lead telcos, towercos and MNOs on their way to the future.


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tower automation alliance about us

A partnership for the future, forged today

We are a global community of companies, vendors and technology providers committed to empower telecoms with hands-on automation solutions for their towers and passive infrastructure.

Born in 2020 as an initiative from one of our founding partners to create an ecosystem of innovators and leaders in the telecommunications infrastructure sector, we are already working together in developing use cases that can help the telecom industry reach 100% digitally run operations.


Our purpose

Automation is at the core of the telecom industry, laying the foundation for increased efficiency, seamless connectivity and deep innovations. However, efforts in automation and technological advancements have always stacked on the user-end of the network, leaving innovation in infrastructure to run from behind.

At the Tower Automation Alliance, we take pride in harnessing the power of each of our partners to develop overcoming technological solutions for telecommunication companies, tower companies and mobile network operators, as we are 100% committed to helping telcos digitise their infrastructure operations and asset management. 

Our mission

We are tech companies, leaders, innovators and experts in their own industries that have a vast experience in the telecom sector.

We collaborate with each other in different working groups that cover several areas of automation to provide combined technological solutions that solve the most challenging issues for telcos asset management and accelerate the digital transformation of their infrastructure. 

As such, our mission is to develop use cases that leverage automation and deliver hands-on pilots to promote the digitalisation of infrastructure operations for telcos, towercos and MNOs.


100% committed to driving automation
in telecom infrastructure


Meet Our

Our members are leading technology-based companies, with projects in more than 50 countries around the world that bring along expertise, knowledge and commitment to affect change in the telecom infrastructure industry, advancing global connectivity and digital transformation through the use of AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain and Digital Twin. 

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What we are doing

Learn what the TAA has in place for you

R&D Projects

Innovation and automation go hand in hand. Together, partners can seek funding opportunities and collaborate in research and development projects.

Create and Run Pilots

The best about the alliance is the possibility for partners to deliver and implement automation prototypes to clients and customers.

Improve Networking

The Tower Automation Alliance provides a collaborative environment to tap into each of our partners' expertise to help accelerate change and innovation.

Did we pick your interest?

We are looking for leaders and experts like you, and companies like yours that help towercos and MNOs digitise their infrastructure.

Joining the partnership is FREE. Get involved in the Tower Automation Alliance!

So... what is the Tower Automation Alliance?

what is the taa