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Improve efficiency and the security of your operations by tracking your tower devices and assets in real-time.

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Tower Asset Monitoring Use Cases Features

asset monitoring for tower asset monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Check your assets parameters like temperature, humidity, position, hits, wind, etc. in real time.

increased security for tower asset monitoring

Increased Security

Lower risk of theft, tampering and damage of your assets.


Tower electricity bill management

Improve the fairness of the allocation of energy costs among the base stations on towers based on individual consumption.


Transformer Monitoring

Real-time consulting and alert triggering system if unsolicited data is detected.


Movable Goods Tracking

Keep track of batteries, gateways, antennas, generator, transformer, etc.


Power Outages

Have real-time visibility of the power outages occurring to your towers and when power is back to normal.

generator monitoring for tower asset monitoring

Generator Monitoring

Monitor your generator fuel level to promote predictive maintenance activities and avoid tampering and theft.


Base Station electricity bill monitoring

Reduce energy bill by only paying for the energy consumed by telco's base stations

Some facts and figures to get you started

Both static and movable assets can be tracked and monitored, fueling your automation strategy.

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tower asset monitoring

Tower Asset Monitoring

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