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Use Cases

Learn how we drive automation of telco infrastructure with TAA's use cases.

Developing use cases at the Tower Automation Alliance that help transform telcos’ infrastructure is in our DNA. With our partner’s combined efforts, we are covering all areas involved with the automation of telecom towers.

Leveraging the best available technology, tower companies, and MNOs can expect a full set of automation solutions that can accelerate their digital transformation and improve their tower’s performance while enhancing end-to-end services. 

Hands-on use cases for innovators in the telco 🌍

Digital Twin

Digital Twin Software unleash the power of digitizing tower assets, autonomously. Transform your operations to a digital environment.

digital twin autonomous drone
infrastructure security

Infrastructure Security

Gaining complete control of outdoor and remote sites has become one of telcos top priorities.

A robust infrastructure security can prevent damage to your infrastructure, from vandalism all the way to hacking.

Greening the Network

The road to telecom sustainability starts with infrastructure. Learn how to monitor energy consumption, waste and reduce costly expenditures.

With real-time analytics and state-of-the-art IoT, being environmental friendly is within reach.

greening the network use cases
Tower Asset Monitoring

Tower Asset Monitoring

Improve efficiency and the security of your operations by tracking your tower devices and assets in real-time.

Verification or status of tower assets and knowing whether they were moved in any point throughout their lifecycle is critical for towerCos and operators.

Automated Structural Design and Analysis

The automated structural design and analysis capability can be requested for any project causing changes to the tower structure and taking structural design and analysis from weeks to minutes.

The entire process from specifications to reporting is covered, incl. 3D modeling design of an infrastructure.

process mining use cases

Business Intelligence

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