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The road to telecom sustainability starts with infrastructure. Learn how to monitor energy consumption, waste and reduce costly expenditures. The race to Net-Zero.

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Greening the Network Use Cases Features


Power infrastructure monitoring and optimization

Monitor the power infrastructure and ensure that the network stays on during power interruptions. Optimise the power consumption to improve your infrastructure.

On-Grid Hybrid Renewable Telecom Solution
Ryse Energy

On-Grid Hybrid Renewable Telecom Solution

Diversifies clean energy resources to meet government energy targets & curb dependency on diesel generators.


Energy Efficiency Policies

Make use of your data to affect positive change in your energy management strategy and achieve sustainability.

multi tenant energy consumption allocation to green the network

Multi-tenant Energy Consumption Allocation

Gain complete control of your rented sites energy consumption and reduce oversight operations.


Multi Source Power

If a telecom operator is running thousands of tower facilities, they can utilize the excess power capacity or demand responses to help grid operators better balance the grid.

outage prevention with hybrid renewables
Ryse Energy

Preventing telecom outages with hybrid renewable solution

Self-sustaining hybrid energy of wind, solar pv & battery storage to develop reliability between telecom towers to supplement weak on-grid networks.

detect sources of waste to green the network

Detect Sources of Waste

Reduce energy consumption or malfunctioning.


Trends Analysis

Analyze energy behaviour and trends to predict rise in consumption level that can help in greening the network.


Solar PV generation forecasting

Predict the power generated by PV installed to optimize tower energy management

Ryse Energy

Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Solution

Correcting intermittent energy in bad grid systems by switching to off-grid renewable hybrid systems providing clean energy to poor signalling areas.


Real-time Consumption Monitoring

Monitor your energy consumption in real time to keep usage under control.

digital twin high resolution inspection for towers

Inventory Identification

Enable inventory verification and provide a single source of truth for your assets with reliable, shareable data that means revenue assurance.

Some facts and figures to get you started

In a greener and more sustainable telco 🌎

Latency in notification if anomalies are detected
0 Years
Average battery autonomy for each sensor
< 0
Time required for a field review

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Greening the Network

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