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Become a member of the Tower Automation Alliance

Being a Member

Acquiring a membership of the TAA can boost your company’s awareness. Your input and expertise as a leading company in technology and telecommunications can become an essential part of the Tower Automation Alliance, expanding our areas of work and helping towercos and MNOs thrive in this new digital era of automation.

In a collaborative and high-performing environment, we lead specialized working groups in conjunction with some of the greatest players and vendors to develop and implement deep tech solutions in different areas of automation of telecom towers.

membership - join the tower automation alliance
why join the tower automation alliance

Why join us

Being a member of the Tower Automation Alliance is joining a community of companies, innovators, and experts that are working together towards achieving the automation of telecom infrastructure. 

When you join the alliance, you gain access to insights, projects, and a knowledge hub of members from all over the world. The TAA gives you the possibility to expand your network of contacts and connect with the ecosystem of players that are playing a key role in defining the future of the industry.


Benefits of joining the alliance

The Tower Automation Alliance is a partnership for the future, forged today. We harness the power of each of our members to solve the most complex challenges of telco infrastructure.

Becoming a member of the alliance helps you unlock the full potential of collaboration with fellow leaders in the industry. But not everything is harnessing and unlocking. There are also some pretty tangible benefits.

RFXs participation

Members and partners can collaborate on limitless joint applications for RFIs, RFPs, or RFQs all over the world.

Product integration

The alliance is a hands-on partnership focused on integrating partners' tech solutions for potential clients.

Working groups

Partners are expected to be part of different working groups while developing and implementing solutions.

That's not all...

Every Tower Automation Alliance partner and member will have access to this extra benefits:

Pitch towercos and MNOs, expand your company’s area of influence, and find new ways to improve your tech solutions through peer-to-peer brainstorming and collaboration.

We are building unrivaled expertise while connecting with the people involved in crafting it. 

As part of working groups, partners, leaders, and customers all together will be hosting annual events to discuss and disseminate progress and share the results of the pilot implementation. If you are part of that working group, you may as well be the main host and sponsor of the event.

We share the latest news in our TAA newsletter and social media. When you join the alliance, you gain unlimited access.

When you join the Tower Automation Alliance, you boost your awareness as a leading company committed to driving change for telco infrastructure. You’ll be featured on our website and other platforms gaining further recognition.

How the Tower Automation Alliance is organised

We organise the alliance in different working groups that focus on specific areas of automation for telecommunications infrastructure.

We have outlined a detailed process on how partners and clients should be involved in the working groups so that developing a prototype is as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

how taa's groups are organised

Did we pick your interest?

We are looking for leaders and experts like you, and companies like yours that help towercos and MNOs digitize their infrastructure.

Get involved in the Tower Automation Alliance!


We understand you might have some questions. Here go our answers.

The Tower Automation Alliance is a global community of leading companies and innovators in different areas of technology who share expertise in telecommunications and a single goal: help telcos reach the automation of their infrastructure.

We are not a discussion forum or a sectorial cluster. We are an ecosystem of partners focused on helping the telco sector innovate with crafted, combined automation solutions for their infrastructure operations.

The TAA is founded in 2020 by the initiative of Atrebo, one of our founding members, to create an ecosystem of experienced partners that can help promote cooperation and innovation in automation technologies for telcos. Our founding members include some of the most forward-thinking tech companies from around the world. We are a proud creation of Atrebo, Everynet, Outlocks, and vHive, our four founding companies, that are working together to drive automation in telco infrastructure and help towercos and operators reach 100% digitized operations.

Being part of the Tower Automation Alliance is a testament to your company’s will to drive innovation and be part of the new era of digital transformation of telecom infrastructure. Here, you will be able to connect and collaborate with fellow leaders and experts to create and test ready-to-market integrated prototypes that help towercos and MNOs automate their passive operations.

Whether you are a telco, a vendor, a software provider, or an independent consultant, there’s room in the TAA for you.

The best way to participate in the Tower Automation Alliance is through our working groups. Our partners and every member of the alliance are required to participate in at least one specialized working group.

As we drill down in more areas of automation of infrastructure, more areas of work will arise, creating further working groups. Please, visit this page to know more about joining the TAA. 

Membership is organized at the company level. You and/or your company must have a genuine interest in the telco sector, regardless of whether you are specialized in telecom infrastructure or not.

Candidates are also required to sign the Tower Automation Alliance’s Terms and Conditions and join at least one specialized working group.