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Fantastic response to the first AUTOMATE CAMP organized by the TAA in Sevilla. 


On the past 3rd of March, The Tower Automation Alliance celebrated its first event at PCT Cartuja, a Scientific and Technological Park ubicated in Seville (Spain). The “Seville Automate Winter Camp” was the kick-off event for the TAA, an initiative devoted to the creation of a standard for the automation of critical infrastructure management in telecommunications.

The presentations addressed diverse topics of concern for companies involved in this industry such as blockchain technology and its potential impact on the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI),  success cases in the automation of the prevention of workplace accidents, process mining, web3 data infrastructure, open innovation strategies, energy at telecom sites, 5G or immersion cooling for edge computing.

The one-day event concluded with a panel discussion on Sevilla as a destination for technology-based projects with speakers from the City Council, the College of Telecommunications Engineers from Western Andalucia and Ceuta, and onTech, the largest Technological and Biotechnological Cluster in the south of Spain.

The event featured top executives from leading companies such as Telefónica, Celonis, Vantage Towers, Hybrico, Staex, Atrebo, Berrade, and Seitech that showcased the importance of integration between solutions and players as a necessary step to enable automation.

The TAA will hold various events, in this smaller camp format, throughout the year in different cities of the world, to celebrate, by the end of the year, the Seville Automate Summit 2023, which intends to become an international reference meeting for the automation of the infrastructure industry.

Visit the  webpage and TAA’s social media to stay up to date about future events and news.

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