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A robust infrastructure security can prevent damage to your infrastructure, from vandalism all the way to hacking.

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Infrastructure Security Use Case Features

access management infrastructure security

Access Management

Gain control and increase efficiency with the complete control of access to your sites.

tower additional income for infrastructure security

Tower Additional Income

Lease locks to the tenants for cabinets and shelters, and give them access management to work independently.

physical cybersecurity of towers

Physical Cybersecurity

Prevent unauthorized manual access to your network in remote sites and monitor network access requests.

Some facts and figures to get you started

Both static and movable assets can be tracked and monitored, fueling your automation strategy.

Up to 0 %
Cut of Inside Jobs
Up to 0 %
Prevention of break-ins and thefts
Up to 0 %
Reduction in keys and locks replacement

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infrastructure security

Infrastructure Security

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