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Successful participation of the Tower Automation Alliance as a Gold sponsor in Telefónica’s 14th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change

  • The 14th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change 2023 took place last week in Sao Paulo.

The Tower Automation Alliance attended as Gold Sponsor together with 3 of its members Atrebo and Hybrico (Leading members) and Padtec (Tech member) to this last edition.

Thanks to this co-marketing action of the Tower Automation Alliance, these 3 members of the Alliance were able to attend the 3-day event with their own stand and even participate in partner sessions and discussion panels together with key players of the sector.

Participation in such events gives the Alliance members the opportunity to achieve global visibility in a collaborative working environment and to promote their products and initiatives.
In this way, Gabriel Bonilha, Director of Atrebo LATAM participated in the partner sessions where he explained how Atrebo is positioning their platform TREE as a central piece of an ecosystem of technological solutions.
On the other hand, Alejandro Estrada Co-founder and CEO of Hybrico joined the panel discussion on Technology and ESaaS. 

This international event is a meeting point of leaders in energy transformation from all countries. The main objective was to promote innovation to reduce Telefónica’s energy consumption and carbon footprint globally. It is a meeting point that has been held for 14 years and brings together the leaders in energy transformation of the company and the main collaborating companies in the field.
The main topics discussed were net-zero Emissions, value chain emissions and compensation, initiatives to reduce fuel consumption, refrigerants and environmental impact, technology and ESaaS and other topics all related to energy and climate change. Some of the attendees were: Huawei, Vertiv, Nokia, ZTE, Desigenia, Airsys among others.
Each year, Telefónica brings together more than 250 participants from all the countries in which they operate. The Telefónica Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is an event that this yea celebrated its 14th edition, making it a consolidated and key event for the promotion of a low-carbon economy in the company.
The Tower Automation Alliance is an association of companies that are concerned with climate change and the development of projects around renewable energy and energy systems to reduce consumption and improve efficiency to contribute to environmental sustainability.
In this regard, the companies that are part of the alliance have the same concerns and also work to contribute to environmental sustainability.

About The Tower Automation Alliance

The Tower Automation Alliance is a partnership of leading technology and telecommunications infrastructure companies and is the first initiative 100% dedicated to the creation of a standard for the automation of these infrastructure and their management processes.

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