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Shapemaker joins the Tower Automation Alliance

The Tower Automation Alliance (TAA) today announced that Shapemaker, a SaaS for structural design and analysis of telecommunication structure, has joined the Alliance. As a member of the alliance, Shapemaker will collaborate with TAA members to pursue the achievement of the full automation of telecom infrastructure and assets.

Shapemaker is a B2B cloud-based software for civil engineering design and analysis of the telecommunication infrastructure leveraging AI, cloud technologies, parametric modelling, geotechnologies, structural engineering and remote sensing of wind and terrain data. They empower tower companies and mobile networks operators to better utilize their telecommunication structures.

“Shapemaker represents a totally new way of doing structure analysis. Its joining to the alliance comes to enhance and significantly improve the way TowerCos and Telcos will standardize their engineering and commercial processes on their towers.” 

Luis del Valle, Chief Revenue Officer of Atrebo and Founding Member of The Tower Automation Alliance

The Shapemaker’s knowledge and cutting-edge solution would be part of the “Automated Structural Design and Analysis” working group of the Alliance to help advance and accelerate the automation and digitalization of the telecommunication infrastructure. Some of the uses cases proven by the Shapemaker solution are:

  •       New built: deployment of new telecom structures.
  •       5G upgrades: any type of antenna load.
  •       Co-locations: multiple tenants.
  •       M&A: instant and full engineering overview.

The company is joining the alliance after the signature of the partner agreement with Atrebo, one of the founding members of the alliance, and advancing the first steps in the Atrebo/Shapemaker integration.

“Collaboration is key to accelerate innovation and that is the core of what the Tower Automation Alliance does. We are ready to kill complexity and accelerate a greener and more digitized future for the TowerCos”.

 Balázs Kisfali, CEO of Shapemaker.

An open alliance.

Shapemaker joins AtreboEverynetOutlocks, vHive ,  Ryse Energy and Ubiik as partners of the Tower Automation Alliance, the alliance is open to new members that can help develop automation prototypes covering both current and potential use cases for towerCos and MNOs across the globe. Companies are participating in different working groups including technology such as Digital Twin, IoT, renewable energy, and Artificial Intelligence.

About Shapemaker

Shapemaker is a software for civil engineering design and analysis of telecommunication infrastructure in case of new build, co-location, and upgrades (5G). The solution covers the entire process from spec to reporting and enables faster roll-out, standardization and instant tracking of tower capacities.


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